Chou-Rai (Imported): Affection, House Blessings - Traditional African Incense

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Each Traditional African Incense has a property: Chou-Rai (imported from Senegal, West Africa) promotes Affection and House Blessings. With notes of spice, bergamot, dragon's blood, lemon, and musk; it adds a feeling of care and harmony. 

Kindred Spirit Traditional African Incenses are one of a kind and every portion of this extraordinary selection is fashioned by hand, embraced with wood chips, herbs, resins essential oils, fresh and dried flowers; then set to ferment for weeks to absorb the enhancing aroma. 

Best used when burned onto an activated charcoal disk or placed onto an electric incense burner. Allow the fragrance to fill your space or spirit with tranquility. Store incense in a jar or bag to seal in this amazing aroma.