Lo Han Kuo Beverage (Momordica Tea)

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Mormordica fruit soothes the lung and resolves phlegm, cough, and labored breathing. Pleasant to the taste and easy to prepare. This product is dissolved in hot water to make a tea. May be drunk either hot or cold.

Function: Clear lung heat, nourish and moisten the lung, stop cough Application: Use to treat cough due to lung heat from def. lung yin or weak lung; sticky or bloody phlegm may be present. The def. lung yin may be due to dryness or heat evil.

Use as a summer beverage to eliminate summer heat and stop thirst.  Applying treatment of a cough with sticky or bloody phlegm and dry, itchy throat associated with bronchitis, pharyngitis or tonsillitis. Use to treat stubborn, chronic cough such as that associated with whooping cough or tuberculosis.

Ingredients: Mormordica Fruit 95%, Cane Sugar 5%

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