5 ml Roll-on Bottle - Designer Oils for Women

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Essential oil is created by extracting the natural products of different parts of plants, like flowers, fruits, and roots. They are natural oils that are often used to create fragrant items like lotions and soaps. They’re also known to have powerful benefits. Depending on which one you choose, essential oils can be used to calm, soothe, or refresh. 

Essential Oil Designer Fragrance for Women:

  • Bond #9 {type}Nolita
  • Bond#9 {type}Amethyst
  • Bond#9 {type}Newyork Musk
  • Sexy Amber {type} Michael Kors
  • Taj Sunset {type} Escada
  • Turquoise Summer {type} Escada
  • Sorbetto Rosso{type} Escada
  • Fucking Fabulous{type} Tom Ford
  • Lost Cherry{type} Tom Ford 
  • Gold Sugar{type} BBW
  • French Lavender & Honey{type} BBW